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English-Spanish Medical Dictionary



Featured by Apple in "New & Noteworthy" in USA, Spain and other countries, our dictionaries have been many a time rated by our customers in the App Store as the most outstanding, comprehensive and extensive English-Spanish dictionaries available anywhere. Now, with Version 2.0, Word Magic is outperforming itself, fixing most issues requested by Users in the past and adding many bonus features you will find in no other dictionary app. Guaranteed!

Latest Additions:

Two incredible new premium Spanish voices (American pronunciation)!

Two incredible new premium Spanish voices (pronunciation from Spain)!

Embedded Tutorial.

Background color and font selection from among 19 different themes. *

Words which are spelled identically in both languages are displayed twice in the List, marked with a flag at the side.

Fuzzy Search: Detects misspelled words simultaneously in English and Spanish, offering close suggestions. *Internet Required

In-App for display of "New" Phrasal Examples containing your search word. About 40,000 words in each language are cross-linked to thousands of phrases & their translations.

Unique Features of the Medical Dictionary:

Huge size and comprehensiveness, with over 255,000 entries, 364,000 translations and 281,000 synonyms.

Thousands of medical equivalencies in Latin.

"Scan Function": Performs an exhaustive search of related concepts based on your search entry. A most useful function for a professional.

Important Note: A translation dictionary typically includes translations only. However ours include many definitions as a bonus.

High-quality Voices, American, British and Spanish for entries and definitions. *

Search History. *

Mark Favorite Words easily.

Captions in English or Spanish determined by device default language. *

All our dictionaries focus on comprehensiveness. Unlike other translation dictionaries, WM affords not only one (preferred) translation for each entry but many more, so as to enable the User to choose the most appropriate meaning.