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Spanish Spelling Tips



Are there any "easy" spelling rules for Spanish? Word Magic Software, the creator of five-star-winning General Reference Dictionary, English Thesaurus and so many other praised apps in the App Store, now brings you the answer: "Spanish Spelling Tips", a one-of-its kind, attractively designed, highly interactive App which lets you learn through the extensive use of examples.


It is a collection of fifty-three groups of rules carefully classified in six main categories.

When to Use the Written Accent

  1. Use B or V?.
  2. Use G or J?.
  3. When to use the H.
  4. Use C, Z or S?.
  5. Use LL or Y?.

Rules are fun to study when they are made short and accompanied by examples. And this is what makes Spanish Spelling Tips a unique app: Rules are grouped by similarity, concisely explained, and then --as if by magic and just by tapping a "+" sign-- you can access a set of 121,000 examples extracted from our General Reference Dictionary, each example directly linked to the specific rule you are reading.

Of course, you will never need so many examples. You just HAVE THEM THERE at your disposition. Scroll at will and leisure till you are completely satisfied.

Other features:

Rules can be read in English or in Spanish in accordance with your device default language.

Includes advanced rules also on the use of the Diacritical Accent (with a multitude of examples). The diacritical accent is a tough challenge even for native Spanish speakers, which makes this app even more useful!

Coming Soon: New Spelling Game which uses these same rules and drills you accordingly on each. Lets you know which rules you failed and displays them for your review. Game Difficulty Levels 1 ? 20. Personal scores. Personal History. Review of failed words. Tests. Contests. Many more features.